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In Sept of 2008, Barbara Holliday & Dave Reinitz created Flappers Comedy Club & Restaurant LLC, for the purpose of creating a comedy club venue that would provide a COMMUNITY for up and coming comedians as well as offer excellent food & beverage and unique comedy training and workshops. Originally incorporated in 2000, our original company was called H2F Comedy Productions Inc. and its purpose was to present & produce live comedy events as well as manage and develop comedic talent. As of January 1st, 2010, we merged H2F Comedy Prods. with Flappers Comedy LLC. H2F Comedy Prods continues to operate an office in Burbank and will continue to serve as the off-site booking and talent management department for Flappers. Flappers Comedy LLC is owned and operated by Barbara Holliday and Dave Reinitz. The business has been producing LIVE comedy events, managing and booking comedy talent since 1997. Some of the many shows we have created and developed include, The Hollywood Ha Ha Fest (International Comedy Festival) in North Hollywood in 2000 which has since turned into the Burbank Comedy Festival (Since 2013), Uncle Clyde’s Comedy Contest (Since 1997), Side of Fries, Jokeyoke, Joke Signals, The Preferred Parking Comedy Tour, Survival of the Funniest and many many more.

H2F Comedy Productions is very involved in the college market in particular and we have travel all over the country attending N.A.C.A. (National Association of Campus Activities) & APCA conferences and presenting talent to the college market. H2F currently books and manages some of the most unique comedic talent in Los Angeles, from Stand-Up Comedians to Jugglers, Storytellers and Corporate Speakers. Whether or not you have a venue that needs a regular weekly comedy show, or you just want to book an entertainer for your Corporate event, College, Casino, Cruise Ship, Club, or Military engagement, our talent is some of the funniest in the market today. www.ComedyCasting.com


Barbara Holliday

H2F Comedy Productions, Inc. (H2F), a Los Angeles Based Management and Development company, and Holliday is an unexpectedly funny, blue-eyed, 5-foot-2-inch dynamo. And since 1999, she has been Managing Comedians and Producing live comedy shows, festivals, and television pilots. A few of her shows include, Uncle Clyde’s Comedy Contest, sponsored by the Riviera Comedy Club in Las Vegas, Survival of the Funniest and the Hollywood Ha Ha Festival, as well as many projects for film and television. She has also been on 11 Game Shows- Is that legal?

Holliday was born in Long Island, New York to computer programmer Paul Holliday and visual artist, Madeline Baker. She believes her multi-talented capacity for performance, and business is a result of being raised in a thoroughly “left brain/right brain” trailer park family. Experience probably has much to do with her flair as well. After graduating from San Diego State University with her Teaching certification and a degree in Theater Arts (Hon.) English minor in 1989, she was headed for a high school teaching stint but ended up getting cast instead as a Kid’s Club Host for Fox on the highly-rated television program Fox Kids Club. The show allowed Holliday to hone her performance & leadership skills on some of the toughest guests around-young children and animals-while simultaneously writing and producing her daily show.

Since moving to Los Angeles in 1993, Holliday has performed in National Television commercials for SBC Global, films such as (Naked Gun 33⅓) and television shows (Friends, The Dating Game, World’s Funniest), on stage (Funny Girl, Hello Dolly, West Side Story) and as a stand-up and sketch comedian (The Comedy Store,IGBY’s, Ha Ha Café, The Improv and various other Showcases throughout Los Angeles). She has also worked as a Clown, and balloon artist at local theme parks, as well as being the CO-Creator of Uncle Clydes Comedy Contest, and Survival of the Funniest and many other reality and comedy show pilots.

Dave Reinitz
Stand Up/VP Operations

Dave Reinitz finds his roots in Ithaca New York and his current home is in Los Angeles California. He is the son of a history professor father and an artist mother. His father passed away when Dave was only 13. He spent his teenage years with his Mother and two sisters, even his cat was female. Dave did all he could to get out of the house as fast as possible. He got his first job his sophomore year of high school, as a dishwasher in a college restaurant. He graduated as his class valedictorian! This sounds much more impressive than it really is. You see, Dave attended an Alternative Community School and never received a letter grade. He was the valedictorian because he gave the graduation speech, and a fine speech it was! Dave then moved on to the State University of New York Brockport. This world-renowned institution’s alumni include Wendy O’Williams, Oliver North, and the actor who played Horseshack.

After a short stint Dave went back to Ithaca and started a career in the restaurant industry. After a few years Dave got the travel bug. So off he went, not on a cruise or extended vacation, no he simply bought a 1973-dodge Mobley traveler motor home. He packed up all he owned and off he went. The next 4 years were filled with travel and bartending jobs, from Cape Cod to Venice Beach. When the engine in the motor home blew up Dave settled in L.A. Then he got the comedy bug. Dave has been performing throughout Southern California and beyond for nine years now. He was the Assistant Publisher and Comedy Editor for Laugh-Line magazine. He has also been the Creator, Host and Producer of Uncle Clyde’s comedy contest, as well as been busy performing in Clubs and Colleges all over the country.. Dave found his comedic voice in the emotions he felt after September 11th. Since that point his comedy has taken a political twist. He lists George Carlin, Bill Maher and Chris Rock as sources of inspiration.